Let's Get You Dancing
Ballroom East Logo
A New Concept in Dance Instruction
Ballroom East was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create an environment of high level dancing in a non franchise studio with no contractual agreements.
We had the dream of a beautiful studio filled with great dancers of all ages and ethnicities. To have an environment that would inspire everyone to be great dancers.
Lessons With A Purpose
All of our lessons have a purpose. To have fun and at the same time transform the dancing into something great, whether for social dancing or competitive dancing.
Why did we name our company Ballroom East?
When we purchased the property in 1986 the business was named Ballet East. We decided to keep the original name but change it to Ballroom East. We thought it appropriate considering the location is in the east end of town in the heart of St Matthews, Louisville, KY.
We were encouraged and inspired by a very great man, Dr. Alan Thomas. With his vision and passion for dance Ballroom East became a reality.