Let's Get You Dancing
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Get together with friends or coworkers to learn some fun steps

Dancing can be so much fun to do when the group class is full of people you know. It is easy to get a fun group together set a date and time to meet have a lesson and then maybe go to dinner or lunch.

- A group of friends from school
- Parents of my children’s friends
- A birthday party group
- An anniversary celebration with friends
- Co workers who are looking for team-building activities
- Co workers who just like to get together after work
Timing & Pricing
- 45 minutes for $65 for groups under 13 people
- For groups of 13 or more, pricing is an extra $5 per person.
Scheduling the studio for....
Small Group
For greater scheduling flexibility, a Private Group Class for a small group might have a lesson in the ballroom at the same time.
Large Group Classes
A large Private Group Class might need to be scheduled when no other classes are being taught. These classes will need to be scheduled on availability of the studio.
No contracts are required. All lessons are paid for at the time they are taken, either by cash or check.
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