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The Private Group Lesson is a fun approach for:

Ballrooom East dance instructors have received years of the highest quality of training in all styles of dancing.
We are very proud to have extremely high level teachers instructing our two Beginners classes on wednesdays and fridays.

- Two or more couples who like to go dancing together
- A group of friends who want to learn the latest dance crazes
- A wedding party who want to dance together on the big day
- Coworkers who are looking for team-building activities
- Family members who want to build a skill together
- Student groups and civic organizations
Timing and Pricing
- 45 minutes for $65 for groups under 13 people
- For groups of 13 or more, pricing is $5 per person.
Scheduling the studio for...
For greater scheduling flexibility, a Private Group Class for a small group might have a lesson in the ballroom at the same time.
A large Private Group Class might need to be scheduled when no other classes are being taught. These classes will need to be scheduled on availability of the studio.
No contracts are required. All lessons are paid for at the time they are taken, either by cash or check.
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Private Group Lessons

Available any day of the week

A Private Group Class is available and quite popular for wedding parties, birthday parties, coworkers who are looking for team-building activities, family members who want to build a skill together, two or more couples who like to go dancing together, kids who want to learn with their friends or a group of friends who want to learn the latest dance crazes.

You get to choose who you want in the class as it is not open to the general public.

The Private Class can be whatever length of time the group requests but usually are 45 minutes or 60 minutes in length.

  • Length of
  • 30 Minutes
  • 45 Minutes
  • 60 Minutes
  • Cash/
  • $43
  • $65
  • $86
  • Credit Card/
    Apple Pay
  • $45
  • $67
  • $89

For a Private Group class of over twelve people, a per person charge of $10/person will replace the usual fee.

(The above prices reflect our discounted prices for lessons paid by cash or check ONLY)